Ruslan Gordeev

I’m not a big fan of a sport band that comes with Apple Watch. I went through cheap options on Amazon but didn’t like the looks of most of them and I wasn’t sure if genuine leather was a real thing in 10 bucks bands. So I got this one from Southern Straps. Looks great.

Stocked up on tea.

It seems that Apple Watch is pretty useless for steps counting, giving me crazy numbers.

Tea Hunt

I've never been a big fan of green teas, always prefered black tea or a mix of black and green teas and rooibos. I usually drink Assam or Darjeeling which are great but lately I’ve been looking for something new and exciting. It suddenly hit me: what about Chinese black teas?! I decided to give it a try. I don't like Pu-Ehr for its fishy taste so I went with regular black teas. 

I’ve tried three teas so far: Fujian Baroque, Keemun Concerto and Yunnan Jig. All three are great, but I like Yunnan Jig the best. 

Will keep trying, that for sure!


IMG 6646

IMG 6649

IMG 6650

I wonder if anyone at Google uses Google Play Music or Youtube Music. Both products are just crap.

Ok, I think I don’t need more pedals unless I buy a real 100w amp with 4x12 cabinet. :) Just kidding. It’s a digital era now, no more real amps. :)

Free cups from Nespresso.


Ok, I have migrated to the new computer and I’m happy. For now. :) There are a couple more things I will do next year, though. I want 64GB of RAM and a Thunderbold 3 audio interface. But that’s it, honestly. :)

2TB or not 2TB?

So, the question is what configuration would be the best for two 1TB SSD drives. I’m going to use these guys for two main purposes: (a) archives and (b) samples and music projects (a lot of wav/mp3 files). Since I need a backup for sure and I want it to be off site, I think I will go with the setup #2.

  1. NO RAID + Time Machine backup.
  2. RAID0 + BackBlaze backup.
  3. RAID1 + BackBlaze backup.

A bronze sustain block for my Strat has arrived. The final upgrade piece 565D43BD-07C4-4DE0-9DA2-F9AB9A66F6D5.jpg

The wait time is over.




STL Tonality

Another awesome guitar amp plugin is out: STL Tonality. I thought my favorite amp would be the #3 which is based on the Marshall JMP amp. Turns out, clean tone that I get out of #5 (based on Fender amp) is my favorite so far.

Small sample on SoundCould.

Dear VMware, what an awesome and beautiful interface. sarcasm :)

Finally!!! The new Mac mini is going to be my next computer.

The weekend project went well :)

Franz app doesn’t allow me to paste any text into the input fields. WTF?!


A new toy has arrived. :) 96C110BD-1345-4F96-ACA7-971A5E37D4CE.jpg

Staying in tune.


It looks like Microsoft are good guys now and Google is evil.

Bought a LED desk lamp and put it behind my displays. FDE8BB49-CCF9-40DB-9DC9-4139B3AE4316.jpg

This thing has become my primary communication device. AirPods are great but their battery life really sucks. 6A0F7F11-D98B-45A5-8BC0-5BEB6E970F81.jpg

Improved sustain and and tuning stability have arrived:) 5441BC41-2E77-48E4-B526-C45685B2C08E.jpg

The Fishman Fluence pickups are the best pickups I have ever tried. They sound like passive ones with a lot of clarity and crisp but without any noise or hisses . I couldn’t be happier. 3C353127-575E-4E99-8DBC-CFE491554586.jpg