Ruslan Gordeev


A new toy has arrived. :) 96C110BD-1345-4F96-ACA7-971A5E37D4CE.jpg

Staying in tune.


It looks like Microsoft are good guys now and Google is evil.

Bought a LED desk lamp and put it behind my displays. FDE8BB49-CCF9-40DB-9DC9-4139B3AE4316.jpg

This thing has become my primary communication device. AirPods are great but their battery life really sucks. 6A0F7F11-D98B-45A5-8BC0-5BEB6E970F81.jpg

Improved sustain and and tuning stability have arrived:) 5441BC41-2E77-48E4-B526-C45685B2C08E.jpg

The Fishman Fluence pickups are the best pickups I have ever tried. They sound like passive ones with a lot of clarity and crisp but without any noise or hisses . I couldn’t be happier. 3C353127-575E-4E99-8DBC-CFE491554586.jpg

One more battery to charge :) 44DD3812-C762-4CF4-A4B4-084559F81044.jpg

The first upgrade kit has arrived. The Fishman Fluence pickup set. 75FBD375-E30A-4800-BB02-813ADA431E13.jpg

Kuassa has released a new amp recenlty: Amplifikation Caliburn. I decided to give it a try and didn’t hold my breath but I was blown away. This plugin is the best Marshall amp sim I have ever played so far (sorry, Mercuriall, it’s true, at least it doesn’t need Xeon CPUs to play). It feels and sounds like a real thing. Bought it immediately.

Small sample on Soundcloud

I’ve been thinking and maybe I’ll invest in Axe FX III instead of relying on a computational power of a laptop for guitar amp modeling. Axe FX (and Kemper too) has reached a point when it’s not only sounds as a real thing but also plays the same. Dynamics, harmonics, all that stuff are really good. The only thing that concerns me is the price tag which is $2,500.

I ditched Reaper in favor of Logic Pro X and it feels like home now.

Mercurial Spark is the best software guitar amp I have ever tried. The problem is my Macbook Pro is not powerful enough for this plugin and I have clicks and cracks when playing. 🙁


I started wearing contacts recently and wearing them became so natural to me I keep forgeting to take them off before I go to bed. Gosh. What a great invention it is. :)

It’s been 2 years since I sold my PRS Custom 22. Yesterday I went to Guitar Center and walk out of the store with this used Mexican Strat. I was surprised by the quality of the guitar which I got for only $435. It plays and sounds great. F32F679C-C6F2-4C14-82E4-28D361B0D4F8.jpg

Got tired of reading books on a phone, just ordered Kindle Oasis. It’s gonna be my first eInk device. My only concern is that 7” screen is too small for reading PDFs. And I’m really excited about that 300 PPI screen. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed.

📀 Lunatic Soul - Under the Fragmented Sky (2018)

#prog #rock #electro

The man behind this project is a very know prog musician Mariusz Duda who you may remember for work with another excellent prog rock formation called Riverside. This project, though, is different musically. It’s much more on an electronic side and explores ambient territories. Dark but very tasteful work.…

It’s a mystery to me why Home and End keys on an extended Apple Keyboard just duplicate Page Up and Page Down functionality. Remapped those to CMD+Right and CMD+Left. Now I’m happy. :)

📀 Leprous - Malina (2017)

#rock #prog #metal

This album is a really interesting discovery. Finally, there is a prog metal (rock) band that is not just another Dream Theater clone. Lerpous’ composing is very refreshing and innovative. Love them. Turns out, these guys are session musicians for another hero of innovative metal scene - Ihsahn.…

Heading out to watch a live baseball game for the first time in my life. It’s gonna be fun! Diamonbacks vs Angels.

🗣 Spidergawd 📀 Spidergawd (2014) #rock #stoner #5stars

I was really surprised by this album. It’s pure rocking awesomeness.…

Santa Monica Blues

Ry Cooder - The Prodigal Son (2018)

🗣 Ry Cooder 📀 The Prodigal Son (2018) #blues #rock

Ry Cooder is a pretty known musician who played with the big cats such as The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. The Prodigal Son is a great mix of blues, folk, and other traditional American music styles in which Ry always had a great interest.…